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November 1, 2021

Vancouver College Of Massage Therapy

VCMT is (you guessed it) a Vancouver based College for massage therapy. I was tasked with rebuilding their old, unwieldy website, to fit with their rebrand. The challenge? They wanted to also separate their student massage clinic—The Mend—into it’s own similar brand and website. I needed to maintain the SEO work that had been done, while also helping to guide which pages and content should separate and which should stay.


Redesign and develop the VCMT website, while separating their student clinic into a separate website, maintaining SEO.

  • Strategy

    UI/UX, SEO

  • Design

    Web Design

  • Client

    Vancouver College of Massage Therapy

  • Tags

    SEO, UI/UX, Website

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Refreshing The UX For Prospective Students.

The Mend

A New Site For Their Student Clinic

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