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August 1, 2022

Mayker Capital

Mayker is a project close to my heart, as it’s a business I’ve co-founded. We are a venture-buyout firm built by founders, for founders, and I was (and continue to be) responsible for the complete brand, web design and development, presentation design, social media imagery, and much more.


Conceptualize and develop a finance based brand, responsive website, and investor presentation.

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    Brand Strategy

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    Brand Design, Web Design

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    Mayker Capital

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    Branding, UI/UX, Website

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Mayker Capital

A Fresh Colour Palette for a Fresh Brand.

If you’ve ever taken so much as a brief browse through investment or venture websites, you’ll notice one thing: Everyone loves blue. Many brands are safe and simple, but as such they tend to blend together in the space. With Mayker, I wanted to make an impact immediately, and as such I leaned into a colour that is rarely used in the space: Royal purple. Part of the fun with the Mayker brand is not being restricted to purple for small supporting pieces such as email profile photos like the ones shown below.

Mayker Capital

Inspiring Confidence Through a Professionally Designed Presentation.

Mayker Capital

A Website to Pull it All Together.

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