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April 1, 2021

AuRista Exploration

AuRista Exploration is a new gold mining company that operates out of the Urban Barry land plot in Quebec that strives to acquire, explore, and develop world class precious metal assets. Their recent creation and goal of listing their IPO in 2022 required a professional logo and brand design that puts them shoulder to shoulder with some of the biggest Canadian mining companies.


Develop a brand identity for a new Canadian based gold mining company, along with an investor presentation that outlines brand language and elements.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, UI/UX Design

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    Brand Design, Website Design

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    AuRista Exploration

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    Branding, Website

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AuRista Exploration

Creating An Icon
& Wordmark.

Modern logos need to be as scalable as they are functional, and this was at the forefront of the AuRista Exploration logo design. The logo is comprised of an icon and wordmark, with the “Au” being able to exist on its own when necessary. Conceptually, I leaned into the “Au” of the company name relating to the periodic symbol for gold and selected a colour palette based on this.

AuRista Exploration

Designing A Professional Presentation That Inspires Confidence.

AuRista Exploration

Bringing Digital Life To AuRista Exploration.

AuRista Epxloration

A Mobile & Interactive Investor Presentation.

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